VS 2012 and TFS 2012 issues with local workspaces

Firstly, I would like to say that I am really enjoying watching the
direction Microsoft is heading with some of it's new technology.  VS
is a pleasure to use and TFS 2012 (through
tfspreview.com) is looking really nice indeed. I am, however, having a few with them.


I initially wanted to upload a large solution into tfspreview.com to take a look at performance.  I was worried about the speed of Gets and Branches on a cloud service.  I took a copy of my current source code (5.5GB) and put it in a fresh directory on disk, loaded **VS 2012** and tried to add the file to Source Control, pointing it to my **tfspreview.com** instance.  So far so good.
All the files were marked as "Added" and were awaiting the first checkin.  I went to the new **Pending Changes** area within team explorer and after a few minutes got the following error:
***TF400030: The local data store is currently in use by another operation.  Please wait and then try your operation again.  If this error persists, restart the application.***
*** ***
I closed **VS 2012** and reloaded it.  Now **Source Control Explorer** would not load correctly.  It would hang saying "working" and eventually pop up another **TF400030** error:

I found this blog post <http://justkarp.com/2012/05/01/tfs-11-express-beta-error-tf400030/> which had a suggested work around to get **Source Control Explorer** working again.  This worked for me initially, but now no longer works.

Conflict between multiple instances of VS

If you read the error message above in detail, it sure does look like a concurrency issue.  I began to think about this and realised that I has two instances of **VS 2012** open as I was trying to create two projects simultaneously.  Closing one of the instances of **Visual Studio** and trying the checkin again worked with no issues.
It looks to me that **VS 2012** and **TFS 2012** has an issue with multiple instances of **VS 2012** accessing a single workspace at the same time.  I am assuming this has something to do with the new **local workspaces** feature. Unfortunately for me, this is how I work as I work on large projects and whilst waiting for one operation, I like to spin up another.
I have a forum post open with Microsoft and will update this post with any new information that comes from it. UPDATE ------
[This issue is now resolved.](http://discens.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/tfs-2012-tf400030-tf400017-concurrent.html)